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Mac Pro Under Desk Mount

Mac Pro Under Desk Mount or Wall Mount

Mac Pro-Under Desk Mount Review

Mount Your Mac Pro Anywhere using the Rocstor Under the Desk Mount

As mentioned in my Evodesk Standing Desk Review. If you have a mac pro and are wanting to free up desk space the Rocstor Mac Pro Under Desk Mount is an incredible space saver.  The Rocstor Rocmount DM is a single rail mount that is designed and built in the USA.

It is made of 18-gaugue galvanized steel (which means it is coated to prevent corrosion) and rubber in a high-gloss black color which has a baked-on powder coating which gives it a long life. This mount is also versatile, which means that it can be attached on a flat surface at any angle.

With a Mac Pro attached to this mount, it can be mounted under a desk, beside a desk, or onto a wall. With the computer off the top of the desk, it frees up surface space.

Mac Pro Under Desk Mount Benefits​:

  • Free up Space on your Desktop​
  • Mount Under Desk, Rack Cabinet, Wall
  • Easy Access to I-O Ports
  • Excellent Build Quality  using 18-Gauge High-gloss Black Galvanized Steel
  • Protects the outside of your Mac Pro using a Rubber Gasket Cradles
  • Simple Cable Management
  • Optimizing  Mac pro Airflow

Furthermore, this mount also allows Mac Pro users to have easy access to the I/O (input/output) ports (I/O ports are ports like USB port(s), HDMI port(s), or an Ethernet port) without any restrictions to them. Also, there are no issues with it causing cables to be a tangled mess, because this mount allows for full cable management. Its straps will securely hold a Mac Pro in place so an accidental slip will not be a problem. Also, there is a rubber gasket cradle present to fully protect the computer from being damaged by vibrations and scratches.


Finally, when mounted to this mount, a Mac Pro will still have optimal airflow. It is important that the mount does not restrict the airflow the system will need. The reason for this is that when cool air comes into the system and hot air goes out of the system it will not be damaged by the parts being too hot. The dimensions of the Rocmount Pro-M DM under desk/wall mount measure to 9.75 inches x 9.75 inches x 1 inch and the weight is about three pounds. It also meets RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance), as well as Green Standards (an environmental firm that works with corporations to responsibly redistribute excess office supplies).​

Rocstor doesn't just make a Mac Pro Under Desk, they also have a Mac Pro Rackmount version for the server room.​

Evodesk Standing Desk

Evodesk Standing Desk Review – Best Desk Ever!

Evodesk Standing Desk - Height Adjustable Standing Desk


Have you ever been playing your favorite computer game, or even working on one of those long papers but lost your ability to concentrate? Your chair isn't comfortable enough, and it starts to hurt your legs and thighs from simply sitting there. It's time to get up and walk around, but you can't take a break when you're on such a roll! Let's jump into the Evodesk Standing Desk Review.

​Introducing the Evodesk Standing Desk. It's not the first of it's kind, but it is one of the most revolutionary sitting-standing desks currently out and has become extremely popular among gamers. Be prepared for the more detailed Evodesk Standing Desk review, bringing you even the tiniest details from putting the desk together to taking it apart (but you won't want to!)

​What Makes It So Special, Anyway?

The Evodesk Standing Desk is marketed for home or small offices users. They also have high-end PRO series for the office. It has some unique additions that other desks do not have that separate it from the rest of the crowd, especially for people that spend hours at their desk and computer. Why? Not only does the desk offer the option to sit or stand, which has fantastic health benefits, but it also has an Evoguard finish to it.

​The finish is a harder treatment than most desks have, and it's built to be durable enough to resist scratching from the mouse being moved back and forth continuously. It takes away the need to continuously buy mouse pads, which get dirty and wear down over time. The finish is meant to feel like a genuine mouse pad, so the mouse isn't flailing everywhere and gives the user more control.

​Also, the desk is equipped with Ergo Edge, which is a curved indentation that allows your body to be closer to the computer without leaning over the sharper edges of the desk. The contoured edges keep your arms and wrist from hurting after leaning them against the desk for an extended period of time.

This is all a matter of comfort - the standard desks don't match up because of the various additions. Surprisingly, while other desks offer a similar finish, none of them are as durable or allows for such precision.

​And of course, it can go from sitting to standing. Plenty of desks have this feature, but what makes the Evodesk Standing Desk special is that it does so on a motor that memorizes your favorite heights. Also, it changes height in 1.5 seconds, making it the best in its class.

The real big difference is it is extremely sturdy. Most standing desks are cheap feeling, and you can feel them wobble when typing. This desk is solid even when fully extended.

Customize It!​

​It is awesome that you can customize your desk, but what I find the most fun is the 8,000 different variations that you can choose from for your desk. Almost all of it is customizable, leading you to get the shape desk that works for you, as well as making sure it matches the decor of your room.

Do you have multiple monitors that you like to use? The desk holds up to 355 pounds, which means you can pile on the monitors and computers if that's how you roll!

There are three different desktop options to go with, and all of them are highly sustainable:

swatches Standing Deks
  • Renew Recycled Wood is 100% recycled and still made with all of the extra customizations like the curved edges and contouring. The wood itself comes from sawmills, construction sites, orchard pruning, different forestry options, and some are even from landfills. All materials are inspected and built to perfection.
Bamboo Standing Desk
  • Genuine Bamboo is a beautiful finish, and comes in three different shades from light to dark. They use it for it's durability, beauty, the relaxation benefits, and also because it is one of the fastest growing in the world. With a superior style and the timeless look of bamboo, this finish will look good in any room.
rubberwood desktop swatches
  • Genuine Rubberwood also comes in three different colorings from light to dark. It looks like oak, but it's rubber trees that are being thrown out. Evodesk changes them to desktops with the same durable finish they always offer.

My personal favorite is the natural bamboo because it matches everywhere and the colors are truly beautiful. Plus, my mouse isn't scratching up the desk, and after a few weeks, it still looks as good as when I first purchased it!

Buying the EvoDesk Standing Desk Online

The experience is both easy and fun thanks to the Evodesk website. It includes all of the different customizations that will make your desk suited perfectly to you, starting with choosing the right desk for you, and then choosing the shape that works best for you. You can get in the typical rectangular shape, or they offer a slight contour in the middle with the Ergo Edge.

If that doesn't work for you, there's also what's called Studio L, but it's a larger contour on the right side, especially perfect for keeping notes on one side. I have a freind that is left-handed, and he found that the Studio L design is the left-handed person's dream come true because of that extra space on the left. However, you get to choose the side with the extra space, so right-handers, there's a desk for you too!

Next, you choose your material, which as I said, I completely recommend the genuine bamboo, but all of them are beautiful finishes without any guilt as they don't harm the environment. The different finishes include white, black or slate gray. All of the desk options come in various sizes as well, depending on how much space you have to work with.

Standing desktop Bamboo

Additional Options:

​As for the additional options, you can add a storage pod to the underside middle of the desk, which is a good place to put pens, etc. It provides an extra 1175 square inches of storage. You can also add a highrise desktop option if you want. I didn't find either necessary, but they depend entirely on what you are using the desk for.

You can add a desk shield skin if you want for added protection. I didn't feel the need, but there are different colors you can choose as well as the "designer" selection, which includes a broad range of different cool-looking designs including a galaxy design (which would have been my pick!)

That sounds like a lot of choices already, but you're still not done. Choose between a two-button standard controller or the LED-light programmable memory with four settings. You can add a keyboard platform if you wish. As I said before, it depends on what you're used to and where you like your monitors and keyboards.

The point is, all of it is customizable to the point where it will be obvious that it's yours. They offer a sound system that fits perfectly toward the back underside of the desk and acts as a sub. The monitor arm system will allow you to lift your monitor off of the actual desk, giving you some precious space back.

Also Available:

  • Treadmill system
  • Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • CPU Mount System
  • Steel Cable Management Tray
  • EvoFlex Cable Management
  • Evodesk Casters
  • Warranty Options

NOTE: One option they didn't have that I found on Amazon was a Mac Pro Under Desk mount. Check It Out!

After all of this, shipping usually takes 4 to 5 days at most and can take less time depending on your desk specifications and configuration. It's safe to say that your desk will look differently from anyone else!

Let's Start From the Beginning: Assembly​

The assembly isn't too hard to put together at all. It takes one to two hours with the help of another person to put it all together. Having a drill is a good idea for setup, and it's easy to use once it's set together.

The more additions you order, the more you'll have to add, though some of the items can be installed by a technician ahead of time. if you get a desk with the extra programmable memory, it's not hard to set up.​

Ease of Use​

After that, your desk is ready with the push of a button. It's very sturdy and doesn't need any extra stabilization, nor does it shake when you start adding your computer to the mix. It's not very difficult at all to set the different heights you want, and after you're done, you only need to press the button once quickly for it to change heights.

The Big Finish: Does It Make a Difference?​

It certainly does! Working from home, I was used to sitting for extended periods of time but often had to get up and takes breaks. With my new desk, I was completely comfortable throwing my old one out and can stand whenever I'd like with the touch of a button.

Standing is different at first, but once you are used to it (and definitely invest in an anti-fatigue mat), it improved my circulation to the point where I wasn't in pain, even after long hours of standing.

The different customizations of the Evodesk Standing Desk make it very competitive for even a small office desk. Whether it's at home or in your place of business, this desk if perfect for those that are on the computer for long periods of time at work, and decrease the pain of carpal tunnel.

Overall, the Evodesk Standing Desk offers a wide variety of benefits to those that are often on a computer, whether it's gaming or business.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. So if you really aren't sure whether you're ready to spend the money, read an Evodesk Standing Desk review. All you'll find is all the reasons why you should have one, and you might wish shipping was even faster!

Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Review

Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Review

100% wire-free, weatherproof, HD security camera system

My Wife and I positively love our Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Camera. I think the biggest reason is she likes it so much is so she can spy on our dogs while we are away from the house. Join me for this Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Review to find out if it can make a name for itself in the very saturated market of Security Cameras.

Netgear Arlo is a unique security camera. It is a stand-alone wireless surveillance camera removing the need for a power supply. The device runs off a battery that needs replacement every 4-6 months.

This standalone gadget can be placed anywhere ranging from your room to backyard due to its weatherproof design, and wireless nature, with the wireless range of around 300ft.

The device records content in 720p HD with an excellent night vision system. All of these functions are engineered in a sleek, attractive body. The device works via a well thought out application that can provide push notifications for motion alerts along with many other nifty features.

The Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Camera is price starts out around $179 for the VMS3130 base model and can go up to $800 for the top of the line VMK3500. Let's take a deeper look at this incredible Security Camera.

Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Review / Overview:​

An easy to setup wireless camera with a ton of features packed into a compact, attractive body.


  • Easy to setup and use.​
  • Weatherproof design.
  • Full Wireless nature.
  • High-quality recording and good Night vision quality.
  • Easy to maneuver/reposition.


  • Lack of the ability to record sound in base variants.​
  • Batteries require replacement after a while of usage.
  • Sometimes slow to start the recordings.

Installation and Usage:

The process of setting up and using the system is a breeze. It just requires following three steps:

  1. Dropping the Batteries in the Camera.
  2. Powering on the base and connecting it to a wireless router via included Ethernet cord.
  3. Downloading the App for Android or IOS device to start the pairing process.

The App will walk you through the pairing process. The whole setup requires less than 15-20 minutes of your precious time.

In-Depth Analysis of the Camera:​


This gadget packs a ton of features in a compact design. The most important feature of the device is its wireless design, thanks to the cordless nature of this camera, it is very easy to reposition when required.

With the weatherproof design, it can be setup anywhere in or around the house within the wireless range of 300ft. The system comes with a base stand that weighs 320g. The camera can be mount to any surface by making use of magnetic camera mount.

Camera Hardware:

The camera has an 110-degree field of view and requires a minimum of 1Mbps of upstream for optimal performance. The camera streams crisp 720p HD video. At night, the night vision system kicks in and illuminates up to 25feet thanks to its 850nmLEDs. The camera also supports eight times zoom. The night vision system provides a high-quality stream with a good range.

Control Application:

The Companion Application for the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera makes it a joy to use the system. The application provides easy to follow instructions on how to pair your phone with the camera. The App’s home screen display all the paired Cameras.

You will also receive 7-day for free of their recording package that lets you sync up to 5 cameras. After the free 7-days. Their other options are 30-days supports up to ten devices, or 15 devices you for 60-days.

You can control most features by making use of the application such as viewing and recording live streams. The camera also sends push notifications for Motion alerts to your device.

Another nifty feature of the app is the ability to brighten and darken live feed. This feature can help increase visibility in harsh lighting conditions. You can also view the battery life and change power management settings from the application.


Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Review Wrap-Up: The Netgear Arlo smart home security system stands true to its promise of a full wireless security camera with very few compromises. This review proves that instead of playing follow the leader by doing exactly what other security Cameras companies are doing. Instead, Netgear started a category of its own where it stands as the benchmark for other security products to come in the future.

For the base price of $179, you cannot get a better-equipped wireless security camera. If you want to try the latest sensation in the world of security cameras, the Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security System should be on top of your buying list. Hopefully, my Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Camera review has answered some of your questions about the product and helped you decide if it is a good purchase for you.

Best VPN Services 2017

The 5 Best VPN Services of 2017

Best VPN's for Public WiFi Hotspots

Have you accessed the internet via a public Wi-Fi network in the recent past? If your answer to this question is in the affirmative, then the chances are that your online privacy and security have been compromised. Many public Wi-Fi networks, which are quite ubiquitous nowadays, are not as secured as you may expect them to be. When you connect to the internet via them, you get exposed to many cyber threats. Here as some of the dangers that you face whenever you use some public Wi-Fi networks.

  • In some instances, criminals set up fake Wi-Fi networks using names of restaurants or any other public place you may be familiar with. If you happen to connect to such a network, you may end up losing your critical personal information to the criminals.
  • Hackers may successfully conduct Man-in-the-Middle attacks by infiltrating particular Wi-Fi networks. When hackers use this type of attack, they can successfully eavesdrop on the communication between your device and servers. The hackers may then steal your important details in the process.
  • Some criminals use Wi-Fi networks to spread malware programs to devices connected to such networks. They then use the malware to gain access to the infected devices later.

The best way to avoid these dangers that are associated with public Wi-Fi networks is to use a VPN. A VPN encrypts all the traffic that you send and receive when you are online. Also, a VPN tunnels your traffic via highly secure tunnels, thus making it practically impossible for hackers and criminals to access your traffic.

Given that there are many VPN services on the market, here is a list of some of the best VPN solutions for 2017 that you can use to safeguard your digital security.

1. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN Website
Pros Check


- Servers In 85 Countries

​- Strong Encryption

- Fast Connection Speeds

- P2P

- Extremely Reliable 

Cons Checkmark


- Some Internet Connection Logs    

Express VPN is arguably one of the most reliable VPN services that you can use to safeguard your online privacy. Several reasons make Express VPN one of the best VPN services that you can use to keep your digital privacy. First, Express VPN has a number of features dedicated to keeping your data safe whenever you are online. For example, the service has a feature called, Kill switch. This feature automatically disconnects your device from the Express VPN servers whenever you lose your internet connection. The feature effectively prevents possible IP address leaks if you lose your internet connectivity when using the service.

Second, the service has special stealth servers in Hong Kong. These servers are useful for individuals who are in China and would like to bypass the restrictions that the Chinese authorities place on internet usage in the country. By using the stealth servers, users can successfully bypass the restrictions and access content that the Chinese authorities expressly ban in the country.

Moreover, Express VPN does not keep logs of how its clients access the internet when using its servers. Thus, when you use this service, you can rest assured that third parties cannot access records of your online activities.

Get the best WiFi hotspot protection now!

2. VyprVPN


VyprVPN Website

Pros Check


- Servers In over 60

​- Strong Encryption

- Auto Connect and Kill

- Fast Connections

Cons Checkmark


- 30-day retention of connection

Whether VyprVPN is indeed the fastest VPN service in the world is subject to debate, however, one thing that is certain is that the service owns the infrastructure that its uses. As opposed to sharing infrastructure, owning the network infrastructure helps a VPN service offer relatively high connectivity speeds to its clients. That VyprVPN owns its network infrastructure means that the service offers its clients relatively high connectivity speeds.

Apart from high connectivity speeds, VyprVPN offers its clients highly advanced features to help bypass any form of internet restriction. Most notably, the service has the chameleon stealth technology that allows its users to bypass the internet restrictions that the Chinese government places on its citizens.

Therefore, if you are looking for a VPN service that can offer you high connectivity speeds and the ability to bypass internet restrictions, you may consider using VyprVPN.

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3. PureVPN


PureVPN Website
Pros Check


- Great Desktop and Mobile  
  App Performance

- Excellent customer support

- Easy interface

Cons Checkmark


- Retention of Customer Details and logs

- Confusing Pricing Model between  
  Standard and Unlimited

For about 10 years now, Pure VPN has been providing highly competitive VPN services to clients across the world. One of the most distinctive aspects of this service is its pricing plans. It has three pricing plans designed to cater to the needs of particular user groups as follows.

The downloaders pricing plan is for individuals who need a VPN service for overcoming restrictions and downloading content. This pricing plan costs $8 per month. Alternatively, you can pay $4 per month for this plan if you choose to purchase it on an annual basis.

The streamers pricing plan of Pure VPN is ideal for individuals who would like to use a VPN service to stream content online, bypass geo-restrictions and safeguard their online identity. If you choose to pay for this plan on an annual basis, you will end up paying an average amount of $5 per month. Otherwise, you will pay $10 for every month that you use this plan.

Lastly, the premium pricing plan of this VPN service costs $13 on a monthly basis and $7 under the annual plan. The major benefit of this plan is that you will have access to optimized servers.

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4. IPVanish


IPVanish VPN Website
Pros Check


- Servers In 65 Countries

​- Strong Encryption

- Fast Connection Speeds

- Zero traffic and connection

- Affordable Pricing

Cons Checkmark


- No Free Trial

-VPN service subject to US data privacy laws (NSA, Gag Orders)

As it is the case with the other best VPN services, IPVanish has a number of features that makes it one of the most loved VPN services on the market. For example, the service does not retain client activity logs, meaning that clients do not have to worry about their privacy when they use the service.

Second, VyprVPN has the Kill switch feature, meaning that when you use the service, you do not have to worry about IP address leakages when you lose your connection to the internet. Third, this VPN service accepts a broad range of payment methods, the most notable one being Bitcoin.

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5. HideMyAss VPN


Hide My Ass VPN Website
Pros Check


- 940+ Servers in 190

​- Strong Encryption

- Server Load Balancing

Cons Checkmark


- Activity Log Retention

- Maximum of 2 devices connected simultaneously

HideMyAss VPN is another amazing VPN service that you can use to hide your IP address, encrypt your traffic and avoid all the risks that you face when you use a public Wi-Fi network. In fact, this VPN service is one of the most secure and trusted VPN services on the market. One of the reasons as to why many people rely on HideMyAss relates to its server strength. The service has more than 700 servers spread across 150 countries in the world. Hence, HideMyAss has a very strong server network.

Additionally, the service has relatively good connectivity speeds. Connectivity speeds are important if you are using a VPN service to stream content. However, remember that HideMyAss still retains logs of the activities of its users. Although there are several other leading VPN services that still keep client logs, many others do not retain the records.

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In my opinion, these are the best VPN solutions for 2017. All of them have a reliable server network and advanced security-related services. Also, all these VPN services have secure and dependable systems, thanks to their large number of servers positioned across different regions of the world.

Additionally, some of these services do not retain records of the activities of their clients. By doing so, these services guarantee their customers a high level of privacy and data security. Therefore, you can use them to not only overcome the dangers associated with public Wi-Fi networks but also to bypass internet restrictions.